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The real story about the idea for Spit for the Cure

Dr. Klimberg and Dr. Kadlubar had been attending a week-long research symposium in Chicago during the summer of 2007. Their flight home  had been canceled just prior to take-off due to mechanical issues with the plane. Their options were to spend another night in the hotel and catch a flight out very early the next morning or fly into Memphis late that evening and rent a car for the rest of the way home. The girls were tired and ready to sleep in their own beds…so off to Memphis they flew.  As most folks know, hard work and little sleep can bring out the goofy side of an individual. Needless to say, “y’all come spit” sounded pretty funny at the time. But after finally getting a little shut-eye, they regrouped to discuss the strange idea that had gripped them in the wee morning hours on that drive home. What they came up with was a brilliant, unique way to invite women of Arkansas to personally contribute to the fight against breast cancer and the rest, as they say, is history.


 “Every Little Spit Helps!”